Fan barriers

500 RUB


The main purpose of the fan barrier restricting flow or its regulation during mass events. These fences are often installed in areas where organized markets, concerts, festivals, fairs. Often, such cladding structures are installed to limit the passage on construction sites or for control points and pass.

Convenient size and weight facilitate easy transportation and installation. Barriers can be in the indivisible circuit to prevent unauthorized access. On the surface, no sharp or fragile elements, which eliminates the possibility of injury for those who are directly in front of the fence.

With the help of the fan barriers can limit the territory in all shapes and sizes. Fan barriers are mobile and have a presentable appearance. The stability of the barrier material to corrosion allows you to use the design, regardless of weather conditions. The design differs reliability and durability, the galvanized coating does not stain clothing and leaves no scratches on your hands in contact with the barrier.

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