The height of the structure4,50
The height of the structure4,5 m
Material designaluminium
Maximum wind load24 m/s
The kit includes:the podium, farm aluminum
Maximum distributed load300 kg distributed load
The cost of the sound towers on stage20 000
The area of the podium24
The height of the podium1m
Build time:3

Scene 6x4 m

40 000 RUB


Stage hire for small and medium-scale outdoor events is very popular because not all the shows involve the use of major special effects and a large number of speakers.

A runway this size can comfortably accommodate both the speakers themselves and the necessary lighting and audio equipment. The installation of a hipped roof over the stage will protect the event from bad weather or strong winds.

Such a structure is easy to install in practically any event due to the possibility of adjusting the height of the podium. Install the support columns allows you to efficiently allocate space on the stage, as secondary screens or speakers can be fixed on the vertical elements of the design. Stage in this plan is more advantageous than the catwalk.

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