Wall height2.4
Ridge height4.6
The number of support columns10

Tent pavilion 10х15м

51 000 RUB


Tent pavilions are characterized by a rapid erection of the building and its large capacity.

The diversity of coatings for timber frame construction gives you the opportunity awning designs to compete with similar hospital buildings.

In these areas you can arrange a technical area or use as commercial property. Tents are very popular for celebrations: weddings, anniversaries, corporate events. Pavilions with area of 150sq. M. is often used for the construction of a seasonal cafe, catering, commercial and exhibition stands.

With Banquet Seating chart 1.5 sq. m. the pavilion can accommodate about 100 people and 160 people from the calculation of 0.7 square meters per person.

Such a structure can be easily erected in the city and outside it.

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