Press ox, stands farm

10 000 RUB


Press the vol consists of a rectangular metal frame and attached to it a banner of cloth, the size of which can reach up to several tens of meters. The design is quite compact and disassembled can fit in the car. The main purpose of the press of oxen to broadcast the necessary information to those who are near the building or passing by. This way you can subtly convey to the audience information about the products or company.

Press the oxen are very popular at weddings as the backdrop for photo shoots. These pictures with wedding paraphernalia are bright and colorful, not worse than in fashion magazines. Importantly, the hire of the press ox the wedding belongs to the category of cheap pleasures and will not be a serious item in the wedding budget.

Press the oxen are often used by the organization to conduct various seminars, trainings, product promotion. The surface of the structure causing the logo of the company, contact the sponsors or organizers of the event.

The purchase of such advertising can be quite expensive, so many organizations prefer to rent pressvol that significantly saves budget, especially if we are talking about a single use.

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