Widthsize (EXT. on farms): 6,82
The height of the structure4,50
The height of the structure4,2
Material designdirect farm: T29 of the form Q; the arc-shaped farm: T29 pieces;
Maximum wind load18 m/s
The kit includes:the podium, farm aluminum
Maximum distributed load750
The cost of the sound towers on stage20 000
The area of the podium24 sq/m
The height of the podium1 m
Build time:4 hours ( 3 person)

Arched stage 6x4

45 000 RUB


Stage rental for events more is not as difficult as it was before. We can safely say that the organization of outdoor events has become much easier. Our company offers the rental of stages of various shapes and sizes, which can be easily installed at the venue a few hours and without hassle.

The main feature of the arch of the stage is compact and a smooth shape, it easily fits almost any decor. Perfect for holding street festivals of folk art.

Arched stage will help to draw attention to the statement to make it more vivid and memorable. An important role for such scenes plays a decor, attracting the attention of those who came to watch the event.

Arch scenes are easy to install, after a few hours You can have a space for the participants of the show, will only have to prepare only the area for the audience. On the scene are easy to install decoration items and equipment. Arch stage will be a wonderful decoration for the holiday and create a creative mood for the show and for the audience.

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