The height of the structure3,5
The height of the structure3m
Material designal
Maximum wind load12 m/s
The kit includes:podium/roof
Maximum distributed load150 kg distributed load
The cost of the sound towers on stage15 000
The area of the podium12
The height of the podium40-60
Build time:2

Scene 4x3 m

25 000 RUB


Stage 4x3 meters is perfect for small celebrations. Such sites are in demand where, for objective reasons, cannot install a large building, but to organize a place to attract attention is still necessary.

The site allocated for Your event will be very small, but the surrounding area can be decorated with ornaments and appropriate decorations and thus You will be able to attract the attention of visitors and to Orient the participants of the show.

The height of the podium for such a scene can be adjusted from 20 to 180 cm Despite its small size, this structure can be equipped by all necessary for full operation: from lighting to sound systems and a specially designed tent will protect from the weather the speakers and equipment. At the request of the customer on the temporary walls of dense material can be placed screen. The support columns are often placed part of the light and sound equipment, thus the “free” space on the podium. But in the case of installation of open catwalks this possibility, unfortunately, will not. The columns themselves often adorned with advertising information that may be made in the corporate colors of the organizations or political parties. The construction of such scenes takes place in a short time without special requirements to the installation site.

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