Widthsize (EXT. on farms): 12,94 m
The height of the structuresize (EXT. on farms): 10,9 m
The height of the structure7,24 m
Material designcarriers farm: kzt39 of the form Q; auxiliary farm: T29 pieces;
Maximum wind load28 m/s*;
The kit includes:carriers farm: kzt39 of the form Q; auxiliary farm: T29 pieces;
Maximum distributed load2 550
The cost of the sound towers on stage60 000
The area of the podium120 sq/m
The height of the podium1-1,5 m
Build time:12 hours (8 persons)

Stage complex 12x10

160 000 RUB


For any public event such as a concert, a political meeting or festivities need a key attribute. Happen on stage all the major events, it can rightly be called the center of attention. Rent complex 12x10 meters will allow you to organize the event at the highest level, concentrating only on the organizational side of the event.

Stage system covers the whole range of elements: catwalks, truss structures, canopies, awnings, and other attributes, so the client gets to rent a fully prepared facility where equipment can be placed and to hold the event.

Stage complex 12x10 m great demand, because in this area it is possible to arrange a performance of big bands and dance groups. The specificity and the strength of the design of the stage allows you to set the equipment to create audio-visual effects. Since the size of the complex suggests the largest scene size that will allow Your event to look professional and ambitious.

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