Widthsize (EXT. on farms): of 8.94 m
The height of the structuresize (EXT. on farms): 6.9 m
The height of the structure7,24 m
Material designcarriers farm: kzt39 of the form Q; auxiliary farm: T29 pieces;
Maximum wind load28 m/s
The kit includes:Tent design ТК8х7, Podium,
Maximum distributed load28 m/s
The cost of the sound towers on stage40 000- 60 000
The area of the podium48 m
The height of the podium1 - 1.5 meters
Build time:6 hours (6 people)

Stage complex 8x6 m

95 000 RUB


8x6m stage system is designed for heavy, evenly distributed loads. The roof of this design can withstand equipment weighing up to 2.4 tonnes. Load-bearing parts of the roof are aluminum farm on conical connectors. If roof mounting is without portals, then always use water-filled ballast or installing concrete blocks. For Assembly of the complex does not require special equipment or devices. The roughness of the surface will not be a hindrance for installation, also the system can be combined with the existing on-site structures: curbs, stairs and other components of the landscape. A podium or the stage, is a block design with adjustable legs and non-slip surface.

You can get the different configuration options of the set in any form of the roof, just enough to change the arch in the design. Elegant and neat form of the roof of the complex will blend with any decor, so the decoration scene is always happening without much difficulty.

Rental stage complex comes out much cheaper buying the scene with an arched roof. Many tenants and agencies organizing events, long ago drew attention to the rental stage complexes, to appreciate their functionality and convenience.

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