Lease arrangement

The lease of movable property Moscow limited liability company "Tent-Tent", hereinafter referred to as "Lessor" on the one hand and_________________________________ - in the future, "Lessee", on the other hand (hereinafter with simultaneous reference to the "Parties") have concluded this agreement as follows: 1. The subject of the contract 1.1. The lessor conveys to the Lessee in temporary possession and use of the property for the period from for the List price and the description of the property contained in the Annex No. 1 hereto (hereinafter "Property"). 1.2.The landlord confirms that the Property belongs to him by right of ownership, pledge and custody is not about any rights and claims of third parties in respect of the Property it is not known. 1.3. The value of the Property specified in Annex № 1 to this agreement. 2. The rights and obligations of the Parties 2.1. The lessor is obliged: 2.1.1. To Transfer The Property To The Tenant. 2.1.2. At the end of the term of this agreement and the termination to take the property from the Tenant. 2.1.3. To perform other obligations assigned to it hereunder. 2.2.The tenant is obliged: 2.2.1. Make the Property from the Lessor in the order specified by article 3 of this agreement. 2.2.2. To use the Property in accordance with its purpose, and instructions of the Landlord regarding the order of operation of the Property. 2.2.3. To ensure the safety of the Property. 2.2.4. To pay rent for the use of Property in the manner and on the terms specified in this agreement. 2.2.5. At the end of the term of this agreement and early termination to transfer the Property to the Lessor in the order specified by article 3 of this agreement. 2.2.6.To perform other obligations assigned to it hereunder. 3. The procedure for the transfer of Property 3.1. The transfer of Property from the Landlord to the Tenant takes place at . The property at the time of transfer thereof to the Lessee will be edited. 3.2. When transferring Property to the Lessee, the Parties sign the Act of acceptance-transmission No. 1. Delivery is made by the leaseholder, installation and dismantling is carried out by the Landlord. The removal of the Property made by the leaseholder after signing the Act of acceptance-transmission of No. 2. 3.3.The tenant is obliged to inform the Landlord about the place and time of the event. 4. Rent under the contract and procedure of payments 4.1. Rent for the use of the Property is: _____________ rubles 00 kopecks, not subject to VAT in accordance with paragraph 2 of article 346.11 Chapter 26.2 of Part II of the tax code. 4.2. Payment method_____ 4.3. The cost of the leased property is : ____________ rubles 00 kopecks. 5. Liability Of The Parties 5.1.The tenant is responsible for the safety of the Property since the adoption of the Property from the Landlord (from the moment of signing of Act of reception-transmission # 1) and to the transfer of the Property to the Landlord (up to the moment of signing of Act of reception-transmission No. 2). 5.2. In case of loss or damage to the Property or its component parts, the Lessee shall reimburse the Lessor the full value of the lost or damaged Property (its component parts), and to pay the Lessor a penalty of 5 (five) percent of the value of such Property (its parts),according to Appendix No. 1. 5.3.The lessee shall reimburse the Lessor the value of the Property and to pay a fine in accordance with clause 5.2. the present contract within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of expiry of the contract. 5.4. The renter is responsible for loss, destruction or damage to Property, including if it was caused by an act of force majeure. 5.5. In case of delay of return of Property to the Lessor, the Lessee shall pay the Lessor a penalty of 5% of the Property value for each day of delay. 5.6. With the exception of the provisions of section 5.4.of this agreement, the Parties are released from responsibility for full or partial failure to perform its obligations hereunder if it was caused by an act of force majeure, such as floods, fires, hurricanes, acts of war, acts of public authorities and management and other events, the onset of which is beyond the reasonable control of the Parties. 5.7.The party, which made it impossible to fully or partially fulfill its obligations due to force majeure shall immediately notify the other Party, otherwise the said Party loses the ability to invoke force majeure as a reason for non-compliance. 6. Dispute resolution 6.1.All disputes or differences arising between the parties under the contract or in connection therewith, the parties agree to resolve by negotiation. 6.2.In case of failure to settle disagreements through negotiations, they shall be subject to consideration in Arbitration court of Moscow. 7. Other conditions 7.1. The validity of this agreement since its signing of the "0" of January, 2017, the termination of the agreement due to return by the Lessee of the leased property by Act of acceptance – transmission of No. 2. 7.2. This agreement is made in two copies having equal legal force, one for each party. 7.3.All previous agreements and correspondence between the Parties concerning the subject matter hereof, expire and are replaced with real text. 7.4. All changes and additions to this contract are valid only if they are made in writing and signed by duly authorised representatives of the Parties. 7.5. All applications and additions to the present contract are its integral part. 8. Annex to the agreement 8.1. Appendix # 1 – List the price and description of the Property