Width of the construction5
Length of the construction5
Wall height2.4
Ridge height4.8
The number of support columns4

Marquee tent Pagoda 5x5

11 000 RUB


This square tent is ideal for holding both formal and cultural events on a small scale. Surround the area to 25kV. m. can accommodate up to 30 people inside. Wall tent is made of polyester and coated with PVC, which gives the opportunity to hold events outdoors in any season and not be tied to weather conditions. In this tent the gazebo is securely sheltered from the wind, rain, sun and dust. Aluminum frame allows you to keep the structure stability. Tents of this model can often be seen at fairs and they are often used for participation in the exhibition or trade events.

Thanks to its square shape tent covers the largest amount of space and gives a visual sense of monumentality of the structure. The tent can be used all year round, a good angle dome not pozvolet snow to accumulate on the roof.

Tent series “Pagoda” 5x5 can be combined in ensemble with other tents, which are presented on our site, with a length of wall of 5 meters.

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