Widthsize (EXT. on farms): 8,73
The height of the structuresize (EXT. on farms): 5,21
The height of the structure4,5
Material designdirect farm: T29 of the form Q; the arc-shaped farm: T29 of the form T; support platforms: BSN-29 or B-29x29-OB380;
Maximum wind load18 m/s
The kit includes:the podium, farm aluminum
Maximum distributed load750
The cost of the sound towers on stage20 000
The area of the podium48 m
The height of the podium1 met
Build time:6 hours (6 people)

Arched stage 8x6

95 000 RUB


Few events now do without hire stage complex. The service is in demand for concerts and events at the city scale. Correctly located and installed stage will be able to highlight Your event among others and surprise guests the magnitude of Your project.

On the side of the mast are attached truss design curved shape, they serve as the basis for this type of stage roofs. This design is simple to assemble, as all connections are located at the outer end. Compared to other similar installations, the stage complex is the most striking and impressive. This superiority is ensured thanks to the delicate and smooth curve of the roof. Optionally, the stage you can optionally attach sound portals with the necessary sound equipment, and standard podiums.

In order that the design can withstand strong winds, using special stretching and anchors: they fix on the pavement, the ground, concrete or paving slab surface, where the scene is set.

Every day it becomes much more difficult to surprise the customer with variety in the design stage, but our company can not only offer bold and unconventional ideas but also implement them in practice.

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