Widthsize (EXT. on farms): 10,94 m
The height of the structuresize (EXT. on farms): 8.4 m
The height of the structure7,24 m
Material designcarriers farm: kzt39 of the form Q; auxiliary farm: T29 pieces;
Maximum wind load28 m/s*;
The kit includes:The podium, stage clothes
Maximum distributed load3100 kg
The cost of the sound towers on stage40 000- 60 000
The area of the podium80 sq/m
The height of the podium1-1,5 m
Build time:8 hours (6 people)

Stage complex 10x8

140 000 RUB


the Scene will be appropriate for events where you don't need to set a large number of concert equipment, but it is likely that the site will present the entire musical or dance group medium size. This construction can be used as a grandstand for VIPs during the specialized forums and demonstrations, parades, exhibitions etc. most Often, this complex is in demand in order to organize a platform for the speakers to make them clearly visible to the guests. The presence of such a scene at the event will give him the status and emphasize the skill of the organizers.

the Catwalk is mounted on a robust aluminium telescopic support with the ability to adjust the runway height. The pillars themselves using the clip fastening can be assembled in a panelboard deck. The necessary rigidity and strength of the flooring is aged with strubtsinku and the clips. Elevator roof consists of special aluminum trusses, which pull the tent and a winch assembled gable roof raise to the desired height.

particularly noteworthy are the support columns capable of withstanding heavy loads. Thanks to this element of the complex, you can rent not just a place for performances, but also a platform to accommodate the required campaign information. Banners in this case perform their direct function, and also protect the show from rain or wind.

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